Monkey or a comfortable or familiar pouch into the cavern

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This dungeon is north of Ardougne, south west of the Fishing Guild. Prerequisites: Any pickaxefood, and if you'd like the best armor, the capability to kill a lvl 131. Recommended: 50 Magic. From the dungeon, you will find 3 tunnels. One contributes to Aluminum, another to Gold, the last one to Diamond.

In every tunnel, there are creatures that will appear randomly. The more monsters you kill, the longer stones will be in the end of the tunnel. Additionally, at the end of every tunel there is a protector you have to conquer. There are no safespots from the tunnels, and magic functions great on them. Warriors will have difficulty in the tunnels.

When you defeat the guardian, it is going to drop a key, which can be used to unlock the doorway beforehand. This is Buy runescape 3 gold where the ore is. Based on the number of monsters you killed, there will be more stone. The rocks can be mined once before they vanish. These particular orers can be made into armor: Alum Armor, Gold Armor, or Diamond Armor.

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