All You Need To Know About ePacket Shipping

The name ePacket itself indicates that the service is for the e-commerce industry. The weight of the package in this service should be less than 2kg. Many big Chinese e-commerce platforms are using this service such as Aliexpress, GearBest, Lazada, and Banggood. This delivery option is als

In the 21st century, businesses of almost every niche are moving and the customer shopping trends are also changing. One such trend is to purchase from a store outside of their native country. In the online business, the merchant must have the right courier service. Although there are many options available ePacket shipping is getting highly popular in China. ePacket delivery is one of the fastest methods for international shipping.

Earlier, the products purchased from the Chinese stores were shipped by sea. So, the delivery could take nearly 6-8 weeks. While with the ePacket delivery, the orders are getting delivered within 30 days.  You would be able to monitor the ePacket tracking numbers through China Post. In this article, we will be knowing more about ePacket delivery and how it is beneficial for your online business.

What is ePacket delivery?

Many 3rd party logistics providers in China and Hong Kong provide the shipping option of ePacket. With ePacket delivery, the merchants can deliver the light packets quickly and at affordable rates.

In 2011, the United States Postal Service (USPS) formally announced the new shipping option service agreement with Hongkong Post and eBay China. The packages from China and Hong Kong will receive USPS First Class Mail service, in addition to, a delivery confirmation.

The name ePacket itself indicates that the service is for the e-commerce industry. The weight of the package in this service should be less than 2kg. Many big Chinese e-commerce platforms are using this service such as Aliexpress, GearBest, Lazada, and Banggood. This delivery option is also affordable for those merchants who regularly sell products from Hong Kong to the United States. Eventually, it has also expanded to 35 other countries including Canada, Australia.

How ePacket tracking works?

There is no additional cost for customers to track ePacket delivery and the benefits of ePacket Shipping. The customers can easily monitor and locate their parcel on many different websites such as EMS, USPS, or China Post. If the mail doesn’t get delivered then it will be returned for free as well. Thus the merchants don’t have to face any issues in refunding the buyers who never got their purchase. You may find the ePacket shipping option by online store owners in many e-commerce stores in China. However, any merchant can offer this service if the package fulfills the ePacket delivery criterion.

Requirements to use the ePacket delivery method

Not every package will get delivered using the ePacket delivery. There are some requirements shared by the USPS which should be met for sending a parcel through ePacket delivery. The requirements are related to the weight and dimensions of the parcel, and also the product price. Let’s know each in detail.

  • Weight

The weight of the parcel shouldn’t be more than 2kgs. It includes the product, filler material, and packaging material. If you need to deliver the parcel to Israel then you can deliver the parcel of weight up to 3 kgs.

  • Value

The price of the product being sent shouldn’t be more than USD 400. It must be shipped from China or Hong Kong to the eligible countries.

  • Dimensions

The minimum dimensions of the box should be 14cm in length and 11cm in width. However, the longest side of the package shouldn’t be more than 60cm. Also, the sum of length, width, and height must not be greater than 90cm.

Difference between ePacket and other couriers

There are many differences between ePacket and other courier services in China. It is also different from many other popular shipping services such as FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL. Here are the main differences:

  • ·  While other couriers deliver heavy goods, ePacket courier size is limited to 2kgs.
  • Another shipment accepts expensive couriers, while ePacket courier's worth shouldn’t exceed $400.
  • There are only selected countries, in which ePacket will be delivered.
  • The other courier services take a couple for international shipments while it takes only 7-10 days in ePacket delivery.
  • The rates of ePacket delivery are quite cheaper than other courier services.
  •  Undeliverable goods are sent back to the seller, without any additional cost. Not every courier offers this service.
  • It offers united China ePacket tracking, including ePacket tracking USA when your parcel is being transferred by USPS.

What are the benefits of using ePacket delivery?

As we mentioned above, ePacket itself implies that the shipping service is for e-commerce retailers. It aims to make the delivery service faster as well as affordable for customers to get their products delivered at their doorstep from the stores of China and Hong Kong.

It got so much success within the United States that it began to expand it to many other countries. The list of countries with ePacket services is constantly growing. The popular benefits of the ePacket delivery are:

1.       Faster

It takes numerous weeks for other shipping methods to deliver products to other parts of the world. However, with ePacket delivery, the customers get the product within a week or two.

2.       Cheaper

The shipping rates of ePacket delivery is quite lower. Thus, you can price your products more competitively.

3.       End-to-end ePacket tracking

The customers get the option of end-to-end tracking without any additional costs. They can track the courier easily on official sites of EMS and USPS.

4.       Free returns on undeliverable items

Another benefit customers get is that they don’t have to worry if the product they order got undelivered. They will get a refund in this case. This improves the customer-merchant relationship.

5.       Payment of postal customs

Any customs, duties, or taxes will be paid by the recipient of the shipment. The ePacket delivery goes through regular custom clearance, customers may have to pay applicable taxes or duties.

Wrapping Up

ePacket delivery service should be leveraged by every online merchant of China and Hong Kong for their international orders. Hire the best eCommerce development services which can implement this shipping option in your existing eCommerce store, and can also develop an eCommerce store from scratch.