How to A Good Weapon to Start in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 follows the same rule as Fallout 4 when it comes to acquiring legendary weapons and gear

Looking for some of the rarest Fallout 76 weapons around? Fallout 76 follows the same rule as Fallout 4 when it comes to acquiring legendary weapons and gear: you’re guaranteed one whenever you kill a legendary enemy, indicated by the star next to their name. The problem is that legendary equipment is often worse than what you’re already using unless you get very lucky with the mod it comes with. Plus, legendary weapons aren’t much more exciting than their standard variants with little more than a neat stat and a star next to the weapon’s name to signal its rarity.

That’s why rare Fallout 76 weapons are so alluring: they’re powerful, can be outfitted with plenty of new and interesting mods, and are great to show off to your friends. You can find these rare weapons in seemingly innocuous spots around the Appalachian wasteland, but they won’t always spawn there.

We’ve scoured the map and found a number of static spawn points for rare weapons in the game, most of which are must-have guns when you find enough ammo for them. Since they appear in the same place with a degree of consistency, you’re able to farm them by returning to the same location every thirty minutes, give or take, when the loot respawns.

Two ranged weapons behind Vault 76

It is time to acquire two ranged weapons. Head left from the corpse where you have found the Machete, going into the woods (do not use the stairs). You must reach the place shown in the above screenshot.

The easiest way is to go along the hill, until you reach a damaged house shown in the above screenshot. There will be mutated animals lurking around the area, but you should have no problems dealing with them with the Machete you just acquired.

Inside you will find two firearms - Pine Bolt-Action Pistol, dealing 45 points of damage, as well as Pipe Revolver, dealing 31 points of damage, coupled with some ammo for both of those weapons. Both of them require character level 5, but it is worth to acquire them early, as you will quickly advance to level 5.

Hunting Rifle in Gilman Lumber Mill

Another place worth searching through is the Gilman Lumber Mill, located opposite the entrance to Vault 76 - the location was shown in the above screenshot. You will be attacked by mutated ticks as soon as you enter the mill, but those enemies should pose no threat to you.

When you are at the mill, look for a large building shown in the above screenshot. Use the stairs located inside and get to the upper floor. From one of the chests you will acquire Short Hunting Rifle, dealing 40 points of damage, as well as some ammo for the weapon.

Firearms on the Wixon Homestead

While you are in Gilman Lumber Mill, you should take interest in the nearby location called Wixon Homestead. You will not find a weapon lying on the ground there, but there is a group of Scorcheads hiding there - and they do have the weapon. Thanks to the Machete, as well as the hunting rifle, you should have no problems defeating them.

From their corpses you will acquire Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol, dealing 40 points of damage, as well as Pipe Revolver, dealing 27 points of damage. Those are weaker weapons than the one found in the house behind Vault 76, but thanks to that they have no level limitation, allowing you to use them from the very beginning. Ammo for them can also be found at the Scorcheads' corpses, making the weapons available to use from the moment you acquire them.

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