And you'll be able to expand that statement to add things like clothes and jewelry

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Getting rid of Animal Crossing Bells the original Aunt Jemima picture was pretty clear as it's sensible to find it anachronistic and inappropriate, but I don't understand how people were offended be the updated artwork. It was a totally innocent image of a black woman's face I had read was motivated by an actual person involved with the company. It's almost like the image of a POC is forbidden in advertising unless the product is specially geared towards this culture. Personally, I consider that a step backwards.

Well that is the sticking point. Are you currently celebrating it? Are you currently enjoying a free pass to utilize aspects of a civilization without needing to worry about the discrimination that follows for other races? Is this certain aspect of the culture supposed to be shared and taught to others, or is it usually reserved for specific people who have somehow got the right?

Ultimately I think ethnic appropriation becomes claimed too frequently, but it does not mean there is not dialogue to be had about it. Nonothing that goes in Animal Crossing should ever be contemplated cultural appropriation. However, others commenters do make a point, that some people can grow up and encounter racism, bias, etc contrary to their culture, to be known as trashy for it, only to turn around and see others carrying parts of it because it's decorative or so on. That does not justify policing hair styles, however, it provides context at least.

And you'll be able to expand that statement to add things like clothes and jewelry. Again, assuming it doesn't have particular importance like ceremonial clothing. But if you are wearing something predominantly worn by a different civilization, and that clothing is often looked down , and someone from that culture says"Why do they get to wear it without facing discrimination, but I get called trashy/unprofessional looking/etc?" The correct answer isn't to play the victim and say"What, I'm racist because I like the way it seems?" The correct response is"you're right, that isn't fair. People ought to be Cheap Animal Crossing Items
allowed to wear what they desire without others policing them.

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