Guide on How to Select the Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

The chaise lounge has become a popular piece of Leisure Chair today thanks to its classical Old-World elegant style and the convenience it offers as a relaxing seating option in your patio

The chaise lounge has become a popular piece of Leisure Chair today thanks to its classical Old-World elegant style and the convenience it offers as a relaxing seating option in your patio, porch, and pergola or just about anywhere in your yard. Investing in a high-quality chaise lounge is a wise move if you want to spend relaxed moments by your sauna or swimming pool.


Aluminum is a solid option requiring minimal maintenance from a homeowner. As it is specially cast, manufacturers have the option of offering outdoor furniture pieces with a modern to an antique look. The powder-coating on high-quality aluminum chaise lounge chairs helps it resist dents and scratches.

Aluminum is easy to maintain and is rust-proof. Unlike some wood and wicker chaise lounge chairs, it is also resistant to pests and does not require special treatment. Spray it down or use a soapy sponge to remove any stubborn residue and keep it looking new for years. Start each season with a new application of automotive wax and touch up any scratches on the aluminum frame to protect the finish.

The addition of cushions provides additional comfort and can let you change up the appearance of a lounge chair set without having to run out and purchase a new set. Aluminum is an affordable and durable choice for homeowners interested in outdoor dining sets or chaise lounge chairs.


Many homeowners appreciate the look of a wooden chaise lounge chair. However, all wood is not the same; the type of wood chosen can impact the durability and maintenance requirements of outdoor furniture like chaise lounge chairs, benches, and tables.


Softwoods can make for an inexpensive chaise lounge. While suitable in the short-term, they require more maintenance from a homeowner and can be prone to rotting, chipping or cracking. Regular varnishing can help reduce wear and tear but softwoods are known to quickly degrade.


Hardwoods offer more durability than softwoods and make for comfortable sitting and lounging. Hardwood lounge chairs will last longer than furniture made from softwoods. However, it will need regular staining and varnishing to keep their appearance. Lounge chairs made from wood will not scratch easily but are susceptible to water damage.


Teak is a popular choice for its durability and may last several years. It releases natural oils that help protect it from pests and water damage. A homeowner would need to rub it down with a teak sealer to keep its original color. Without such treatment, its natural wood finish will slowly change to a silvery patina over time and with exposure to the elements.


This traditional material can be found in outdoor patio sets and lounge chairs. It can also be a good choice for those with enclosed patios and other spaces, as it is vulnerable to the elements and can be damaged. When used indoors, it can last a good amount of time. Homeowners choosing wicker may want to get plush cushions for the lounge chair, sofa or other seating as wicker can be less comfortable than other materials.

The amount of maintenance required for outdoor furniture can vary based on the material used and the location chosen. Shady areas and locations with higher levels of dust and pollen can result in higher maintenance requirements for outdoor chaise lounge chairs and cushions.

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